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Love the website!
Hi all, great new website! What has been your best lockdown  ride? Smile
A 1969 Mustang ;-)

In brown...
Not sure I'll be able to remember how to ride after lockdown - people say its like riding a bike but when I pedal the stirrups move but the horse goes nowhere Huh

Loving the website by the way!!
Great site guys, can't wait to get back out there!
It's all good this website, I have a teeny tiny pony that I keep in my coal shed, it's my safety animal when we go out, she stops me from wearing socks on my head....
In the first lockdown I was able to ride for hours as my work was reduced.... now working from home (in the loosest sense) full time, weather awful, I'm not doing much! Rode in the wind and snow yesterday in a snaffle - bad idea!!!

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